Notice of Financial Incentive

This Notice of Financial Incentive includes an explanation of financial incentives we may offer you, to provide us with personal information that is reasonably related to the information’s value. The material aspects of any financial incentive will be explained and described in its program terms. Where Lifease offers these programs, your participation is optional. If you choose to participate, your participation will be subject to any applicable terms, and you may withdraw at any time by contacting us at

The financial incentives offered by Lifease from time to time in exchange for consumer data are commonly percentage/promotional discount codes to be applied to a single or multiple purchase (typically in exchange for an email address, birthdate, joining our Reward program, creating an account, visiting our Facebook page, referring a friend). The discounts may result in a range of savings to the consumer, depending on the details of the purchase. You can learn more about our Reward program here:

Incentives, including percentage/promotional discounts, are not directly tied to, or exclusively based upon, a set value of any individual element of user data, but are reasonably based in good faith on the following considerations:

Some consumers first experience our brand online, and an incentive provides a unique opportunity for them to explore our products.

Some of our marketing and advertising activities are done online and email communications are a key part of reaching existing and potential consumers in a manner which they both expect and that allows for them to exercise choices about how or whether or not to be contacted.

Discounts may also be affected by factors such as spending, performance targets, geographic location, seasonality and market trends.